1.56 Anti Blue Ray Lenses with Light Blue/Yellow Green Coating

1.56 Anti Blue Ray Lenses with Light Blue/Yellow Green Coating

1.56 Anti Blue Ray Lenses with Light Blue/Yellow Green Coating

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  • Material: CW-55
  • Refractive Index: 1.553
  • UV Cut: 385-445nm
  • Abbe Value: 37
  • Specific Gravity: 1.28
  • Surface Design: Aspheric
  • Power Range: -8/-2, +6/-2, -6/-4, +6/-4
  • Coating Choice: SHMC
  • Rimless: Not Recommended
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    Between sunlight, fluorescent bulbs, and the many screens we look at throughout the day, blue light is all around. While Beneficial Blue Light (or blue-turquoise light) can help regulate sleep cycles and aid in cognitive performance, Harmful Blue Light1 (or blue-violet light) can contribute to long-term damage of the eyes.
    Anti Blue Ray Lenses With Light Blue/Yellow Green Coating, the preventive lens to offer selective filtering of blue-violet light, reducing exposure to Harmful Blue Light while still allowing Beneficial Blue Light to pass through.

    More Powerful to Block Harmful Blue Light

    Light blue coating is that filters out specific wavelengths of blue light from reaching the patient's ocular tissue.
    It is base on Anti-Reflective coating, similar to standard AR treatment, except it is specific to filtering out the narrow band of blue light from 415-455(nm) which has been studied and understood to impact circadian rhythm and potentially impact the retina.

    blue cut lenses


    Incorporated into the AR layer of Glacier Achromatic UV, is a unique, enhanced, and transparent layer with powerful anti-static properties that keep the lenses dirt and dust-free.

    blue cut lenses

    Water Repellent

    Due to its specially developed super-slippery composition, the coating is applied in an innovatively thin layer that is both hydro- and oleo-phobic.
    Its perfect adherence to the top of the AR and HC coating stack results in a lens that is also effectively anti-smudge. That means no more hard-to-clean grease or water spots that interfere with visual acuity.

    blue cut lenses

    Improved Anti-Reflection

    Blue Purple coating solve the problem of a reflected rainbow, or Newton Rings, is eliminated
    from the AR (Anti-Reflective) lens coating.
    That means enhanced visual comfort with no distracting glares, and a more natural appearance and better-looking lens.

    cr39 blueoptical lenses blue

    Why to Choose Anti Blue Light Lens with Light Blue Coating.

    blue cut lenses

    Be prepared with these correct blue filter lenses

    blue cut lenses

    Lens Protection from Scratches

    A dual-lens protection process provides lenses with an extremely hard, scratch-resistant coat that is also flexible, preventing lens coat cracking, while protecting the lenses from the wear-and-tear of everyday use.

    And because it offers superior protection, it enjoys an extended warranty.

    lens 156 blue
    blue cut lens optical

    What optical solutions do we have to reduce blue light exposure?

    Not all blue light is bad for you. However, Harmful Blue Light is.

    It is emitted from devices your patients use every day—like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    And since 60% of people spend more than six hours per day on digital devices, your patients will likely be asking what they can do to protect their eyes from this prolonged exposure to Harmful Blue Light.

    Be prepared with these correct blue filter lenses.

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