1.56 Anti Blue Light Lenses with Light Blue Coating

1.56 Anti Blue Light Lenses with Light Blue Coating

1.56 Anti Blue Light Lenses with Light Blue Coating

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  • Material: CW-55
  • Refractive Index: 1.553
  • UV Cut: 385-445nm
  • Abbe Value: 37
  • Specific Gravity: 1.28
  • Surface Design: Aspheric
  • Power Range: -8/-2, +6/-2, -6/-4, +6/-4
  • Coating Choice: SHMC
  • Rimless: Not Recommended
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    More Powerful to Block Harmful Blue Light

    Light blue coating is that filters out specific wavelengths of blue light from reaching the patient's ocular tissue.
    It is base on Anti-Reflective coating, similar to standard AR treatment, except it is specific to filtering out the narrow band of blue light from 415-455(nm) which has been studied and understood to impact circadian rhythm and potentially impact the retina.

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    Incorporated into the AR layer of Glacier Achromatic UV, is a unique, enhanced, and transparent layer with powerful anti-static properties that keep the lenses dirt and dust-free.

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    Water Repellent

    Due to its specially developed super-slippery composition, the coating is applied
    in an innovatively thin layer that is both hydro- and oleo-phobic.
    Its perfect adherence to the top of the AR and HC coating stack results in a lens that is also effectively anti-smudge. That means no more hard-to-clean grease or water spots that interfere with visual acuity.

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    Why to Choose Anti Blue Light Lens with Light Blue Coating.

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    Be prepared with these correct blue filter lenses

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    Lens Protection from Scratches

    A dual-lens protection process provides lenses with an extremely hard, scratch-resistant coat that is also flexible, preventing lens coat cracking, while protecting the lenses from the wear-and-tear of everyday use.

    And because it offers superior protection, it enjoys an extended warranty.

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    How Blue Light Reducing Lenses Can Help

    Blue light reducing lenses are created using a patented pigment that is added directly to the lens before the casting process. That means the blue light reducing material is part of the entire lens material, not just a tint or coating.

    This patented process allows blue light reducing lenses to filter a higher amount of both blue light and UV light.

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