Today’s knowledge points How to make the lenses “thin, thinner and thinnest”?

Today’s knowledge points How to make the lenses “thin, thinner and thinnest”?

As we all know, the degree of myopia is low, and the range from lenses to frames is wider than that of high myopia. So for people with high myopia, what kind of glasses should be the most suitable for them? Today, follow the pace of the editor, let's go up together.

1.What do highly myopic people want?

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The biggest disadvantage of high myopia is that the higher the power, the thicker the lens. Therefore, everyone wants the lens to be thinner and thinner when assembling the high power lens.
However, any degree has a thickness, and the increased refractive index reduces the thickness based on the thickness of the lens itself. Even with a 1.74 lens, it must be thicker than the lower degree.

2.How to choose glasses for high myopia?
I believe everyone knows that the center of the lens is thick and the sides are thin. Then if you want a thin lens, you can choose a 1.74 lens. This is definitely not a problem. What else can you do to achieve better results? The editor has summarized several methods for everyone, and friends can give them a try when assembling glasses.

(a)If you choose a acetate frame, the thickness that the frame can block will be more thick and appear thinner, and the acetate frame will not press the bridge of your nose because the glasses are too heavy.

(b)Choosing a smaller frame will help the overall glasses look thinner, because the lenses are thin in the middle and thick around the sides, so choosing a small frame will make the glasses look thinner.

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(c)During processing, the master will make a small edge cut to reduce the thickness of the lens. If this angle is cut too much, the white circle may increase, and the thinning effect will not be achieved if the cut is less. It can be decided according to personal preference, and it is possible to tell the processor.
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Post time: Jul-22-2021