1.56 Blue Filter Drive Lens

1.56 Blue Filter Drive Lens

1.56 Blue Filter Drive Lens

  • Product Description: 1.56 BLUE BLOCK DRIVESAFE SHMC Lens
  • Index: 1.56
  • Abb Value: 35
  • Transmission: 96%
  • Specific Gravity: 1.28
  • Diameter: 72mm
  • Coating: Anti-glare Driving Coating
  • UV Protection: 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B
  • Blue Light Protection: UV420 Blue Block
  • Power Range: SPH: -800~+600, CYL: -000~-200
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    Drivesafe Lens

    -Preferable lens choice for everyday wearing and safe driving
    About 85% of people face visual problems when driving, especially in weak light environment or bad weather conditions such as rain, mist and fog, or at dusk or night.


    Three Most Visual Challenges While Driving:
    1.Quick dection of objects when drving in low-light conditions, such as on rainy and dark days or at twight or night.
    2.Disturbances by glare from oncoming cars or street lights at night.
    3.Refocusing between the road and the dashboard and side/rear-view mirrors.

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    Drivesafe lens helps you

    ☆ Judge distances and driving surroundings more easily and quickly in rainy days or at twilight or night.

    blue blocker glasses

    ☆ Get accurate vision of the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors.

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    ☆ Be less disturbed by glare at night from oncoming cars or street lights.

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    The Drivesafe Lens Coating

    The drive safe lens is coated with a special coating which improves visual contrast and reduce glare emitted from annoying lights, harsh sunlight or reflections from reflective surfaces. With this clear and comfortable vision, all you have to do is enjoying the ride.

    Full Blue Light Protection in Drivesafe Lens

    Sun light is always the biggest resource that emits blue light, even on cloudy days. Harmful blue light will cause Eye Strain, headaches, trouble Sleeping, blurred vision. With its high energy, blue light can penetrate car windshield and reach in the car, which makes the eyeglass to be blue block very necessary.

    Our drivesafe lens not only helps reduce glare, but also prevent blue light. So it is not only a kind of driving lens, but also for full-day use.

    Blue-light blocking lens have filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue light, and in some cases UV light, from getting through. That means if you use these glasses when looking at a screen, they can help reduce exposure to blue light waves. The idea is that this helps break your focus from your screen, allowing your eye muscles to relax and stave off eye strain.

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